31 October 2010

Notebooks 1935-42, Albert Camus

"The first thing to do is to keep silent - to abolish audiences and learn to be your own judge. To keep a balance between an active concern for the body and an attentive awareness of being alive. To give up all feeling that the world owes you a living and devote yourself to achieving two kinds of freedom: freedom from money, and freedom from your own vanity and cowardice. To have results and stick to them. Two years is not too long a time to spend thinking about one single point. You must wipe out all earlier stages, and concentrate all your strength first of all on forgetting nothing and then on waiting patiently."

pg. 85

21 October 2010


instamatics, olympus xa, old finnish passports, metal type, old photos from 126 film.

06 October 2010

nuit blaaaaaaaahhhh...nche.

a lot of mixed feelings about this event...
but below: my top three goings-on at nuit blanche this year.

quite wonderful, lee ranaldo in the courtyard of old city hall.

Endgame (Coulrophobia) - Max Streicher
really enjoyed this, felt like i was in a batman movie :)

Up Up and Around: Toronto City Hall
Christian Giroux, Daniel Young