11 January 2012

Field Trip: The Russian Avant-Garde

Finally got around to seeing the Chagall & The Russian Avant-Garde exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It wasn't spectacular, but there were a few highlights in the show, making it a (mostly) worthwhile visit...

One of my most favourite artists is El Lissitzky, so I was quite excited to see this piece, up close and in real life!

I must confess, seeing it resulted in a lot of smiling (inside and out) and wide-eyed gawking!

And Rodchenko, love love love his work as well:

There was also a separate and smaller exhibit being shown entitled Constructing Utopia: Books and Posters from Revolutionary Russia (1910-1940). This collection definitely contained more of the kind of work I was interested in seeing:

08 January 2012

Very Small Selection from U.K. Notebook... + Tom

While I was in Scotland. I fell upon Analogue Books...

where I surprisingly discovered a book made by my friend Tom Cops!...

Of course I bought it, and finally met the guy several days later, for real, in person for the first time ever, after being zine penpals for over a decade!

01 January 2012