15 October 2012

11 October 2012

Quite True.

While driving from Dorset to Maynooth, we happened upon a tiny used "bookshop" on highway 60 in Algonquin Park. It was more like a little trailer (a treasure island to me, if you will ;), run by a tiny old lady that was also selling some knitted things. Everything was priced $1 or 50 cents, and there were a whole bunch of old children's books with excellent cover art (one of my very weak spots). I bought a whole pile and threw them into the back seat of the car.

Here is one of them:

05 October 2012

"2003" !!!!

Performed in the middle of Augusta Ave in Kensington Market, Toronto. Playing continuously and loudly for 45 minutes, they angering some but delighting most!

01 October 2012

Caged Brats /// cafe80s

I just discovered cafe80s radio station, and it feels just about perfect for right about now.


18 September 2012

Cottage Projects.

Getting back into photography and film projects. It feels right.

Actually this is my very first time shooting super 8. I have two cameras that I purchased from suburban thrift stores as a teenager in the 90s and never used them. Then a little while ago I discovered a roll of unused (and most likely very expired, though there is no date to be seen) film. It was time, after all this time!

As for the results, we shall see.

27 August 2012

SKIN: the seduction of surface // Mosom Maskwa - Pawakan (Grandfather Bear - Spirit-Guides) // On a Path to Learning: Early Nova Scotian Women Artists

[More from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia]

I nearly slipped on the floor near the front desk, my loafers were wet from the rain outside. It was a Thursday evening, free entry. Grey and rainy outside and perfect to be wandering alone inside the gallery on such a night.

At the gift shop I asked the lady if we could unwrap the plastic from a particular book on street art. I admit, I wanted to see inside because the author had a Finnish name. Turned out the book was mediocre, and I didn't purchase it though I felt obliged to.


Mosom Maskwa - Pawakan:

On a Path to Learning:

I love samplers and this one is disintegrating which makes it all the more lovely.

23 August 2012


I am currently on a little trip in Eastern Canada. On a rainy night last week in Halifax, I visited the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. One of the ongoing Exhibitions is "Show of Hands" - a collection of Nova Scotian folk art, and look at how great these are:

I find them incredibly strange and endearing:

15 August 2012

Sales low, fun day.

It's true! I only sold one zine at Zine Dream last Sunday. But not to worry, the day was great fun. Thanks to Sarah Pinder for being my table buddy. And Shari for visiting and being incredibly amusing, as usual :)

Plus I'm super excited about what's going on over with these folks: paperpusher.ca - beautiful work.

Our table:

Random shot:

29 July 2012

I will be at this.

SUNDAY AUGUST 12 //// 12-5PM

@ THE TRANZAC - 292 Brunswick Ave //// TORONTO

"Zine Dream is an annual small press art fair that is held at the TRANZAC in Toronto, Ontario. Each year features over 50 vendors of self published books, comics, music, zines, hand made crafts, prints & much more!"


07 July 2012

Manif Casseroles Toronto

This is a rather short clip of the first Casseroles night in Toronto (May 30, 2012) and in retrospect, I should have shot it differently. Regardless, I hope it somewhat captures what the night sounded like. It was quite loud - so loud, in fact, that my ears were ringing when I woke up the next morning (as if I had gone to a rock show). But it was magnificent.

I also got a mild RSI from banging my little pot on my bike for 3 hours or so, which is rather amusing :)